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About LMB

Live Music Bendigo is a volunteer community organisation that was established in 2021 following the challenges to live music resulting from the COVID pandemic, but also having a long-term view of supporting a vibrant and healthy live music scene in Bendigo.


The committee consists of local people who are involved in live music locally as performers, venue managers, event promoters and music industry businesses. The committee are all acting on a voluntary basis with no payment for their time and efforts. Initial funding for the survey and research phase of the organisation coming from a grant from the Ulumbarra Foundation, and we acknowledge their important contribution towards achieving our strategy.


Our aim is to support a rejuvenated, vibrant, sustainable and diverse local live music scene through the realisation of our purpose as stated in our Rules of Incorporation;


The purpose of the association is to grow Bendigo’s live music industry and consequently its reputation as a leading live music city in regional Victoria.


This will be achieved through;

  1. The provision of support and encouragement to Bendigo and central Victorian live music industry participants including:

    • Musicians (amateur, students, professionals)

    • Live music venues 

    • Music retailers, suppliers, community groups and businesses

    • Live music audiences and participants

  2. Support to broaden access to live music participation for all, including disadvantaged, disabled, CALD and First Nations communities.  

  3. The celebration of achievements and successes of Bendigo and central Victorian live music industry participants


The aim of this survey is to establish Live Music Bendigo on a firm and informed foundation so that we can build a strategy that understands the current state-of-play, what the gaps in the local scene that inhibit the local live music industry are, and to establish what impactful activities we can support to help address those needs.


This includes understanding the state-of play in terms of, available infrastructure (e.g. Live venues, Rehearsal spaces), skill gaps (e.g. Promotional and managerial skills in a live music context), diversity of performers and performance (e.g. Musical genres, age and gender, cultural and linguistic diversity, indigenous participation), and audience attitudes and expectations.


From this study we can better understand current conditions in the Greater Bendigo live music scene, and then undertake a strategic planning process that identifies and prioitises activities that we can support as an organisation to work towards realising our purpose.

Your participation in this survey is appreciated and a vital part of building that strategy, and we appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions and provide your considered opinions on what can be done into the future.


If you have multiple roles within the local music industry (e.g. performer/artist, and also as an audience member), then please complete both relevant surveys, as all opinions are valued and important to be taken into consideration.


Note that all information provided is confidential and for use only by Live Music Bendigo in compiling the data provided through the survey responses, and all information will only be used in bulk, with any individual statements/responses used in a de-identified manner.


If you do wish to contact us or get involved in supporting Live Music Bendigo in creating a more vibrant and sustainable live music scene in Greater Bendigo, you can contact us at


Thank you for your support.

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